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No Catch!...Well, just one small one actually and that is we just ask you to sign on to one or more of our FREE Assist Groups to qualify for the FREE OF UPFRONT COST Roadside Assistance.
Disrupting the Roadside Assistance Market

OnRoadAssist is very different to your normal Roadside Assistance Provider.

Why? Because we offer service for Cars and Motorhomes (Mechanical & House section) which no other Provider can offer as they do not have Maintenance trained RV Technicians. So you can either just use the 'Pay as You Go' service for the mechanical side and if you are just entering the Motorhome market you may want our Comprehensive service which gives you access to all our Motorhome related connections and experience for a low annual $95 inc gst fee.

We felt it was no point in offering the same and trying to compete with long established Providers, so we have chosen a refreshing approach to providing Roadside and Motorhome assistance.

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