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Level 1/58A Langdons Road, Papanui, Christchurch 8053

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About Us

OnRoadAssist has been in the works for some time and is a sister company to our 11 year old RV Assistance Company, Rvonroad Limited.

We thrive on top quality service which we provide to our Clients and heaps of Testimonials and we are now looking to transpose this into the Private Owner Roadside Assistance market.

We have a huge database of connections in New Zealand together with a growing base of Independant Contractors who are available to assist too on our GPS controlled Work Platform.

We are not a clunky large organisation with unlimited processes on getting things done. With us, you pick up the phone and get through to actually speak with a Client Assistant who will direct you accordingly and get the quickest possible solution for your problem without all the corporate speak which is so common these days. No sign of an 'escalation' here...we do things the old fashion way of talking directly without going through multiple layers to get an answer.

We have always operated on a completely mobile basis which we are able to do with our state of the art scaleable Mobile Call Centre system.

Because we do not have expensive Corporate Offices, this is why we can offer you a 'Pay As You Go' Roadside Assistance Service with reasonable charge out rates when you do need assistance.

With our innovative Assist Groups and simple easy connections to us, we feel we offer a refreshing alternative to other Roadside Assistance Providers.

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