Why pay large upfront costs to cover your vehicle fleet for Roadside Assistance?
Our Roadside Assistance program will cover to arrange a service contractor to attend an employee who requires roadside assistance during our business hours (or after hours too by arrangement) with ZERO UPFRONT MEMBERSHIP COST per vehicle unit. You simply pay our Arrangement fee to arrange a service contractor to attend when assistance is required.
As your employees joining would also count towards our ZERO ARRANGEMENT FEE feature then the cost is a huge amount of difference to other Providers who are charging $200 for non members to use their service and/or a stand down period. Your employees simply complete the FREE simple membership and that's it...very SIMPLE...you get the FREE Arrangement Fee and they get FREE membership Roadside Assistance!
With Fleets there is usually a Fleet Policy with large UPFRONT costs...with OnRoadAssist the upfront cost is ZERO.
This will give peace of mind that the Driver will receive roadside assistance. Further attendance and repair costs will be charged direct to YOUR Company by the Service Contractor attending.
We have an effective Mobile Call Centre system and GPS tracking availability for Members when they have broken down and need assistance.
Upfront costs for membership are 'dead money', as in a lot of cases assistance will never be required for much of a fleet, especially with newer fleets. 
This helps companies cut costs + offers an incentive of FREE Roadside Assistance for its Employees.
More comprehensive assistance programs in the RV arena are available including full service contracts for a monthly agreed remuneration, subject to the work involved, if required.
You will also be able to market your Business via our membership too, so this could be a 'double whammy' for your Company. 
How would we make an income? Simple.....from a large database of Members eager for new products and services and via a kick-back system with our service contractors (wholesale charging to us i.e you would not be overcharged for the service and this would just be at the Service Contractor's normal retail pricing).
Contact us if you want to discuss further how we can save your company needless upfront expense.

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Terms & Conditions:
We provide FREE of membership fee Roadside Assistance in New Zealand on the basis that you join our mailing list and accept that we can send you product and service offers which, at our discretion, we consider may be of interest to you. We charge an arrangement fee if you do need our Roadside Assistance Service, however this again can be FREE of charge by introducing a set amount of people to OnRoadAssist as detailed on our website. Our Business model has to profit and ths will be from the value of our List (from a large member database) to other suitable Businesses for promotion of their Products or Services and from larger numbers using our Roadside Assistance will also mean better leveraging power with our service contractors. At any time you can request removal from the Mailing List, however then you would need to revert to a paid membership option, which can be requested from us at any time. When you need to use our Roadside Assistance Service you agree that you would pay an arrangement fee to OnRoadAssist (unless FREE) and attendance to the roadside and other repair costs will be paid directly to the Service Contractor who attends. OnRoadAssist accepts no responsibility for any roadside fixing or repairs completed by a service contractor either at roadside or at their workshop. As we are a FREE of membership service, we do not guarantee that we can provide assistance to a Member. We also provide Assist Groups which members can join for FREE and there may be local assistance available on a person to person basis, however we always recommend using Professionals and it is the member's full responsibility should they use any direct personal assistance in their specific scenario.

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