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Why pay large upfront costs to cover your vehicle fleet for Roadside Assistance?
Our Basic Roadside Assistance program will cover to arrange a service contractor to attend an employee who requires roadside assistance during our business hours (or after hours too by arrangement) with ZERO UPFRONT COST per vehicle unit. You simply pay our agreed management fee to arrange a service contractor to attend when assistance is required.
This will give peace of mind that the Driver will receive roadside assistance. Further attendance and repair costs will be charged direct to YOUR Company by the Service Contractor attending.
Upfront costs for membership are 'dead money', as in a lot of cases assistance will never be required for much of a fleet, especially with newer fleets.
More comprehensive programs are available including full service contracts for a monthly agreed remuneration, subject to the work involved, if required.
We are also negotiable on marketing your Business via our membership too, so this could be a 'double whammy' for your Company.
Contact us if you want to discuss further how we can save your company needless expense and get free marketing for your business.