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Assist Groups are an innovative disruptive concept to assist anyone in an On Road situation to get assistance for simple fix jobs e.g. Run out of fuel, Assistance with tyre changing, Jump Starts (only when correct jump start points are advised to the Assister and then at the driver's responsibility), ride to a destination where a car has broken down, some technical advice etc.
These are NOT intended to replace in any way professional workshops and these are indeed recommended by us as the preferable option to be sure of professional service and we have a large database of Repairers to assist you in whichever situation you find yourself around the Country. These are of course where we make our income.
Repairers however are very busy and it may be that an Assister in an Assist Group can assist quicker in certain cases, perhaps due to timing, location and other variables.
Some assistance may therefore be better than none!
Assisters may just do it to help others and not necessarily require a payment, or it may be for a small cost or even gift.
If you use an Assist Group and someone is prepared to assist you within the Group, then it will absolutely be your full responsibility to verify the Assister and OnRoadAssist accepts no responsibility for any arrangements made within the Assist Groups. You also will have no comeback should something go wrong! So, please be aware of any pitfalls of using an Assister within an Assist Group before progressing.

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