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- Engine Repairs

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Roadside Assistance

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Roadside Assistance for Private Owners or Corporates


Battery Change

Many connections for Engine and House Battery Issues and Analysis Forms to check correct usage


Assist Groups

Assist Groups are intended for person to person assistance across multiple On Road scenarios


Tow Trucks

Wide selection of Towing Companies to cover for private and larger RV Vehicles


RV Assistance

We have specialised in RV Roadside Assistance for 11 years . If you are in the RV market, you are very likely to benefit from our services


Engine Repairs

Large database of Mechanical Workshops and Breakdown Assistance Providers

Join our Service Contractor Team
Our structure is simple. You connect your roadside assistance/work phone to our GPS network and then we 'invite' you to a Job when one arises in your locality. The cost is a flat rate $19.95 per month per connected device (phone). You can cancel at any time if you feel it is not working for you. Because we allow our Client to be billed fully by you and we only take a 'management fee' from them directly, then you collect your costs immediately when your job is complete....no waiting for 30 or 60 day invoicing.
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