Roadside Assistance

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Roadside Assistance for Private Owners or Corporates


Battery Change

Many connections for Engine and House Battery Issues and Analysis Forms to check correct usage


Assist Groups

Assist Groups are intended for person to person assistance (like Uber, AirBnB etc. across multiple On Road scenarios


Tow Trucks

Wide selection of Towing Companies to cover for private and larger RV Vehicles


RV Assistance

We have specialised in RV Roadside Assistance for 11 years . If you are in the RV market, you are very likely to benefit from our services


Engine Repairs

Large database of Mechanical Workshops and Breakdown Assistance Providers

Introduce others and get your Arrangement Fee to ZERO when you have a Breakdown !

Bronze Badge...Introduce 5 x FREE members...25% Discount
Silver Badge.....Introduce 10 x FREE members...50% Discount
Gold Badge......Introduce 15 x FREE members...75% Discount
STAR Badge......Introduce 20 x FREE members...100% Discount
With OnRoadAssist it is SIMPLE! 
We have a FREE membership and you only pay when you need us.
If you do need us, we will give you a quotation for a roadside service contractor to attend.
If you accept the quotation, we will charge you a flat rate 'Arrangement Fee' depending on the hour of the day. We will then arrange the service contractor to attend.
It is worth noting that non-members of other organisations can pay $200 for a roadside contractor to attend with repair costs on top and/or they may require you to 'stand-down' for a period before you can use them, which of course is of little use to you in time of need. Even with our arrangement fee, the cost of us and the service contractor attending should be considerably less.
You will pay the quoted attendance fee upfront to us and any repair costs DIRECT to the Service Contractor and we have no involvement after arranging the attendance of the service contractor.
But it gets even better than the FREE MEMBERSHIP! Check the table above and you can reduce our arrangement fee to ZERO, just for recommending our FREE MEMBERSHIP service to others.
But wait there's even more! As we spread OnRoadAssist virally, we will then be bringing you the best discounts available throughout NZ! The reason of course we require you to sign up as a FREE member BEFORE using our Roadside Assistance.
A No-Brainer! Why pay for something you rarely use!
Join our Service Contractor Team
Our structure is simple.
You connect your roadside assistance/work mobile phone/device to our GPS network and then we 'invite' you to a Job when one arises in your locality.
The cost is a flat rate $69.95 per month + GST. This cost is for a 'Retainer Fee' to keep you on our system and admin costs, plus an included 1 x connected device (mobile phone) for GPS tracking purposes. You are more likely to get work if you are on our system.
Additional connected devices are $29.95 + GST per month.
There are NO FRANCHISE FEES AND NO MONTHLY TURNOVER FEES which can cost many thousands of dollars.
With OnRoadAssist you keep ALL the profit from work we send your way, whether for one job or multiple jobs (there are no additional charges)!
Effectively our monthly cost is equivalent to around just one hour of labour costs!
You can cancel at any time if you feel it is not working for you.
All costs for roadside assistance and ongoing repairs you charge directly to a you are never waiting for invoice payments from a 3rd party.
The other big advantage is that you are not dealing with some big clunky organisation where you cannot get answers. Here you can pick up the phone, talk to us and get quick decisions where necessary.
Retainer + 1 x Device for GPS
Additional Device for GPS
Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!

Our Services

- Roadside Assistance

- Assist Groups

- RV Assistance

- Battery Change

- Tow Trucks

- Engine Repairs

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Terms & Conditions:
We provide FREE of membership fee Roadside Assistance in New Zealand on the basis that you join our mailing list and accept that we can send you product and service offers which, at our discretion, we consider may be of interest to you. We charge an arrangement fee if you do need our Roadside Assistance Service, however this again can be FREE of charge by introducing a set amount of people to OnRoadAssist as detailed on our website. Our Business model has to profit and ths will be from the value of our List (from a large member database) to other suitable Businesses for promotion of their Products or Services and from larger numbers using our Roadside Assistance will also mean better leveraging power with our service contractors. At any time you can request removal from the Mailing List, however then you would need to revert to a paid membership option, which can be requested from us at any time. When you need to use our Roadside Assistance Service you agree that you would pay an arrangement fee to OnRoadAssist (unless FREE) and attendance to the roadside and other repair costs will be paid directly to the Service Contractor who attends. OnRoadAssist accepts no responsibility for any roadside fixing or repairs completed by a service contractor either at roadside or at their workshop. As we are a FREE of membership service, we do not guarantee that we can provide assistance to a Member. We also provide Assist Groups which members can join for FREE and there may be local assistance available on a person to person basis, however we always recommend using Professionals and it is the member's full responsibility should they use any direct personal assistance in their specific scenario.

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